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Research Areas of Interest

Olympus Corporation is committed to advancing medical and scientific knowledge about Olympus products and contributing to the improvement of patient care by supporting investigator sponsored original research.


Bladder Cancer

・Detection of bladder tumor (especially CIS) using NBI of VISERA ELITE II



・Clinical performance of SOLTIVE (optimal laser  setting for various clinical settings)

・Clinical outcomes and healthcare economics of SOLTIVE compared with Ho:YAG laser

・Treatment outcomes of SOLTIVE in patients with stones greater than 2cm


Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

・Clinical performance of SOLTIVE (optimal laser setting for various clinical settings)

・Treatment outcomes of SOLTIVE in patients on anticoagulant medication

・Clinical outcomes of SOLTIVE compared with HoLEP and/or ThuLEP


 Uterine Fibroid

・Treatment outcomes of PLASMA compared with monopolar especially in patients with large and/or type 2 uterine fibroid

・Cost-effectiveness of PLASMA compared with mechanical morcellators


Office Procedure

・Clinical performance of Olympus products in office settings



・Endoluminal treatment outcomes of Olympus products



 Lung Cancer

・Clinical outcomes especially diagnostic yield of hybrid bronchoscope (BF-MP190F) combined with PeriView FLEX

・Clinical outcomes of ultrasound bronchoscope (BF-UC190F/UC290F)

・Effectiveness of insertion tube rotation function and 210 degree angulation in clinical settings (BF-XP190/290, BF-P190/290, BF-Q190/290, BF-H190/290, BF-MP190/290)


 Brain and Spinal Cord Tumor Surgery

・Utilization of exoscope (ORBEYE)


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