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Two surgeon-inspired ergonomics Multidebrider handpieces

Both Multidebrider handpieces meet the CSF requirements. They are compatible with automatic washer/disinfector machines as described in the instructions for use (IFU) as well as with autoclave sterilization (see IFU).

1 Setup: Ensure the console and the optional suction module are properly assembled onto an IV pole before use.

Setup with suction module

Setup without suction module
Turn suction ON Turn the console ON

2 Power ON: When using the Olympus suction module (EGMDSM220V) the suction is activated using the console touch screen.

3 Attach tube set: When using the declog tube set, be sure to preassemble the pressure bulb and tubing prior to starting the procedure. Slide either tube set onto the back of the handpiece. Listen for the “click.” Attach the blue suction connection to the suction canister.

Two tube-set choices



4 Attach a blade or burr: Press the two release buttons on the sides of the handpiece to secure it in place. The type of blade or burr chosen will determine the default factory settings shown on screen. Press (+) or (–) to adjust.

5 Connect accessories: Connect the handpiece. Connect the grounding pad (if using a monopolar blade). Connect the foot switch (red dot to red dot).

Connect foot pedal (red dot to red dot)

6 Attach tubing to the suction source.

7 Attach irrigation: Lift the top of the pump and ensure the black sleeve of the irrigation tubing is centered. It is important to ensure that enough tubing is left to reach the IV bag. Close the top. Thread the tubing up through the keeper on the side of the console. Hang fluid, spike the bag, and press “Prime” on the console.

8 Ensure the communication cable between the console and suction module is connected. Power cord(s) need to be attached to the back of the unit(s) and wall outlet(s).

If using the Olympus suction module, insert the filter end of the Olympus suction tubing (EGTS102SF) into the suction connection on the front of the optional suction module. Attach the blue suction connector at the other end of the suction tubing to the suction canister.

9 Activation: The foot pedal activates the handpiece for
cutting and drilling.

10 “Ready” appears when setup is complete.

11 Clogging: Depending on the tubing you are using, you have two options.

The declog tube set requires bulb assembly prior to the start of the procedure. Ensure that the blade window is fully submerged in water before activating the bulb.

Stylets are packaged with standard tube sets. Apply gentle force when clearing obstructions.

12 Using image guidance systems (IGS): Any blade or burr listed in the image guidance systems compatible blades/ burrs table (please refer to section 2.15 of the IFU) can be used with the BRAINLAB optical image guidance system by attaching the universal adapter (provided by BRAINLAB) to the boss attachment point on the declog tube set.

13 End of procedure: Turn the unit off. Disconnect the handpiece and grounding pad from the console. Press both blade release buttons to remove the blade. Squeeze the tube-set release to remove the tubing from the handpiece. Immediately following the case, wipe the handpiece with a moistened cloth. Clean, disinfect, and sterilize the handpiece according to IFU instructions.

This setup guide is only a summary of the DIEGO ELITE instructions for use (IFU). For detailed operating instructions, be sure to follow the DIEGO ELITE instruction manual that was included with your device when purchased.

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