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PowerSpiral Experts Group

Paul Akerman, MD                                                                                                           

Director of Therapeutic Endoscopy                                                                       

Roger Williams Medical Center

Daniel DeMarco, MD                                                                                                       

Professor of Internal Medicine
Baylor University Medical Center                              


Jacques Deviere, MD                                                                                                       

Professor of Gastroenterology
Erasme University Hospital

Christopher Gostout, MD

Professor Emeritus Developmental Endoscopy Unit
Mayo Clinic

Robert Hawes, MD

Professor of Medicine, University of Central Florida College of Medicine

Medical Director, Florida Hospital Institute for Minimally Invasive Therapy


Horst Neuhaus, MD  

Professor of Medicine Head, Department of Internal Medicine
Evangelisches Krankenhaus Dusseldorf

Kazuo Ohtsuka, MD       

University Hospital of Medicine, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Hisao Tajiri, MD

Professor of Department of Innovative Interventional Endoscopy Research
The Jikei University School of Medicine

Hironori Yamamoto, MD      

Professor and Chairman, Department of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology
Jichi Medical University

Message from PowerSpiral Experts Group

Spiral enteroscopy requires a different technique than standard enteroscopy because it relies on the powered spiral segment to pull the small bowel onto the enteroscope. Olympus has created extensive and detailed educational web content* to support physicians to reliably and safely insert and withdraw the enteroscope and clearly explains nuances in technique and troubleshooting problems. The content includes description of the product, videos of the technique, clinical videos and E-learning programs. These were developed to support the safe and effective use of PowerSpiral and we strongly recommend that you carefully view and read all of the material before beginning clinical cases.





*Please note that the material provided by Olympus does not replace any instruction of the users which is required by applicable laws.
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