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System Function Test

After the spiral tube is loaded onto the enteroscope, a system check is performed to confirm correct loading and function.


Every time the control unit is turned on or the enteroscope has been replaced, the inspection mode is turned on. The spiral tube will always rotate counterclockwise first and then rotate clockwise in inspection mode.

1. Turn on the power to the control unit. Depress the backward foot switch pedal all the way.

2. Manually bend the spiral tube into a semi-circle position while maintaining the backward rotation.

3. Watch the force gauge display. The level bar indicator should display changing forces, but not excessive forces.

4. Stop the rotation and lubricate the spiral tube.

5. Gently grasp the midpoint of the spiral tube segment with the left hand, while holding the section proximal to the rotation part with the right hand.

6. Activate backward rotation and gradually increase the squeezing pressure at the mid point of the rotating spiral.

7. Confirm that this force - shown via the level bar indicator - is changing the reactive force against the right hand, and vice versa.

8. Increase pressure on the spiral segment until the limit function is activated and the rotational movement is automatically halted by the built-in safety function of the system.

9. Repeat these same maneuvers with the forward spiral rotation activated by the foot switch, to complete the inspection mode.

10. The PowerSpiral Enteroscope is now ready.

The limit function is designed to protect the rotation part and not intended to guarantee patient safety.

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