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Product Overview

POWERSEAL™ Sealer/Divider

A better surgical experience.

POWERSEALTM Sealer/Divider was purpose-built to support the variety of ways you use surgical energy. We started by ensuring the high-quality sealing you expect. And, building on a form and function you’re already used to, we added both new and more intuitive features that require less effort, streamline your workflow, and accommodate your preferences and surgical technique15 The result is an enhanced surgical energy experience, offering unmatched comfort, efficiency, and performance.

Confident Vessel Sealing

POWERSEAL™ Sealer/Divider

A better workflow meets uncompromising performance.9

Your surgical energy device shouldn’t slow you down or interrupt your in-procedure momentum.

POWERSEALTM Sealer/Divider delivers consistently strong vessel sealing throughout the procedure.

  • Vessel sealing up to and including 7 mm, including pulmonary vessels, tissue bundles, and lymphatics.1
  • In side-by-side GLP animal lab testing, POWERSEAL™ Sealer/Divider showed significantly better seal integrity performance.2


Greater than 99% probability of vessel burst pressure above 360 mmHg, regardless of vessel size3



Average seal time is 2.8 seconds on vessels with a diameter up to 7 mm.17


Multifunctional Design

POWERSEAL™ Sealer/Divider


Supports the many ways you use surgical energy.

Not only do the familiar features of POWERSEALTM Sealer/Divider make it easy to adopt, its versatility delivers exceptional dissection, gives you flexibility to adjust settings to your surgical preference, and may ultimately increase your productivity.

  • Unique latch-on/latch-off setting capability adjusts to your surgical technical & preference
  • Off-Latch setting provides audible and tactile feedback to signal sufficient jaw pressure to confidently achieve 7mm vessel sealing6
  • Energy activation without the requirement to fully close the jaws, when desired by the surgeon

Energy Activation

Energy activation without requirement to fully close the jaws facilitates activation on thick tissue or spot coagulation of surface bleeders

Energy Activation

A True Maryland Dissector

A true curved, tapered, and double-action Maryland dissector/grasper design

A True Maryland Dissector
Independent surgeons surveyed indicated

Independent surgeons surveyed indicated:

  • Better usability and
    overall performance9
  • POWERSEALTM Sealer/Divider
    wider jaw aperture provides
    enhanced dissection capability10
  • Easier to separate tissue
    planes by
    opening the jaws10
  • Better ability to perform fine
    tissue dissection11
  • Better ability to coagulate small
    bleeders using the device tips12
  • Atraumatic jaw design provides
    strong grasping capability13
  • Effective for
    blunt dissection14

Improved Ergonomics

POWERSEAL™ Sealer/Divider

Ergonomic Design

The first thing you’ll notice about POWERSEAL™ Sealer/Divider is how good it feels in your hand. It was rigorously crafted to fit naturally in your hand and deliver an improved experience.

Improved Ergonomics
Improved Ergonomics
Improved Ergonomics
Improved Ergonomics

Generator Platform

POWERSEAL™ Sealer/Divider

Elevated Performance Through Optimized Energy Delivery

The Olympus ESG-400 and ESG-410 Electrosurgical Generators elevate performance through intelligent Energy delivery. The cornerstone of this technology is the proprietary POWERSEALTM Sealer/Divider waveform that continually responds and adjusts to changing tissue conditions.

As a result, POWERSEALTM Sealer/Divider delivers the optimal amount of energy at the right time resulting in reliable sealing throughout the surgical procedure.

  • Eliminates the guess-work associated with vascular control and tissue sealing19
  • Continuously monitors tissue conditions throughout the seal cycle19
  • Preserves tissue moisture during collagen remodeling to minimize sticking19

Olympus customers with the EPF-1 system can access POWERSEAL™ Sealer/Divider capability via an in-house software upgrade to their system.

Olympus ESG-410 Generator

Olympus has designed the linkage between POWERSEALTM Sealer/Divider devices and the ESG generator platforms with the future in mind. Every POWERSEALTM Sealer/Divider Gravity Plug enables an ESG-400 generator with software 4.12-A or later, and every ESG-410 generator, to recognize the device and drive it with all the latest performance parameters via our proprietary Mode Tuner capability.

This technology also enables seamless recognition of future POWERSEALTM Sealer/Divider devices without the need for further generator updates.

Olympus ESG-400 Generator

Generator Comparison

ESG-410 ESG-400
Two Universal output sockets One Universal
output socket
8.4″ touchscreen 5.7″ touchscreen
Generator control via touch screen only Generator control via touch screen & buttons
Eight monopolar cut modes Five monopolar cut modes
Six monopolar coag modes Four monopolar coag modes
Six bipolar cut modes Six bipolar cut modes
Six bipolar coag modes Eight bipolar coag modes
Evaluates tissue conditions 6667 times per second, adjusting to changing tissue conditions19 Evaluates tissue conditions 1000 times per second, adjusting to changing tissue conditions19
Wireless & wired footswitch options Wired footswitch only
Footswitch toggle button No toggle button
On-site service upgrades procedures via USB interface No USB interface
Import and export of individual settings and procedures via USB interface Manual configuration of settings & procedures
New modes (Fulgurate, Pure, Spray, Blend) offer quick access and fast procedure start due to reduced number of submenus Not applicable
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