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Diagnostic EUS Training

Master the knowledge and skills to incorporate diagnostic EUS in your practice

More than ever before, gastroenterologists find themselves in practice settings with a growing demand for endoscopists who are well trained in diagnosing diseases of the pancreas, bile duct, liver, spleen and gallbladder as well as in the staging of cancers. Although the EUS expertise required to provide this type of diagnosis is widely available in academic facilities, the need for it in community-based settings has become increasingly urgent.

Diagnostic EUS Training has been designed specifically to address this issue. Focused on helping practicing physicians achieve competency in this high-demand area, the program’s online and hands-on curriculum covers the full spectrum of diagnostic EUS and FNA in four to six months and culminates in a proctorship with an EUS expert.

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Designed by leading EUS and physician education experts

Michelle Anderson, MD, MSc, FASGE

Subhas Banerjee, MD, FASGE

Vanessa Shami, MD, FASGE

Karen Woods, MD, FASGE
Created specifically for the practicing physician

a. Provides physicians a path to meet the growing needs of patient populations 
b. Develops practical, in-demand skills to broaden scope of practice 
c. Expands opportunities for patient-focused services as well as downstream revenue generation 


a.  Highly-structured training based on core competency proficiency
b.  Use of modern instructional practices to successfully achieve learning objectives 
c.  Integration of self-directed learning, hands-on training and proctorship 


a.  Designed by over 50 established EUS medical experts in the field 
b.  Based upon ASGE guidelines for over 200 EUS procedures 
c.  One-of-a-kind training for practicing physicians 

Enrollment and Training

2019 –2020 enrollment is available from May 18 – August 30, 2019.

Applicants will be notified of acceptance by September 16, 2019.

Online modules begin October 4, 2019, and end by February 21, 2020.

Hands-on course will be held at the following date and location:

December 6–8, 2019
ASGE’s IT&T Center
3300 Woodcreek Drive
Downers Grove, Illinois.
  1. Successful completion of Parts I and II is required before proceeding to proctorship.
  2. Proctorship runs March – August 2020; ~ 2 weeks per month at a designated center for a total of four to six months.
  3. Upon completion of proctorship, participants will take an online summative knowledge exam with an 80 percent or higher passing score.
  4. Successful completion of Parts I – IV are required to receive the ASGE Certificate.
  5. Participants are not required to complete Parts III – IV. However, those who elect not to do so will not be eligible for ASGE certification.
How to Apply

2019 – 2020 enrollment is available from May 18 – August 30, 2019.

Required materials for the application packet include the following:

  • Copy of your current CV, highlighting your GI fellowship graduation year (you must be five years or more beyond fellowship training to be eligible for this training program).

  • Copy of your medical license, highlighting states in which you are currently licensed to practice.

  • Copy of ABIM Gastroenterology board certification certificate.

  • Personal statement on why training in diagnostic EUS is important to your career and your practice (one page or less in length, please).

  • Letter of support from your practice or institution.

  • Two letters of reference and support for your diagnostic EUS training.

  • Current photograph.

  • Non-refundable application fee of $75, payable online only via Mastercard or Visa. Checks will not be accepted for application.


Apply today

Submit all applicant information to DiagnosticEUS@asge.org.