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Course Director: Prof. Aldrighetti

Prof. Aldrighetti – MILS (Minimally Invasive Liver Surgery) [LIVE CASES]

The aim of the courses is teaching the techniques and technologies for the execution of Hepatic Resection Surgery.
The methodology will teach the techniques of Hepatic Resection Surgery, so that trainees can acquire both the knowledge of surgical techniques and surgical gestures necessary for carrying out the surgical operations themselves.

08.00-12.30 (CEST) Live surgery (case 1)
12.30-14.00 Streaming presentations (presentation + discussion)
 • Build a step-by-step MILS program
 • Anesthesia in MILS
 • Complications management and conversion
 • ERAS protocol in MILS
2.00pm-6.30pm Live surgery (case 2)


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