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A short video explaining how to correctly place a flexible endoscope into a transportation tray to ensure safe transfer between departments

A video detailing some preventative measures to avoid fluid entering your flexible endoscopes

A video detailing some common image faults that may occur, and some preventative measures to prevent these from happening

An explanation of how blockages can occur in the air/water channel system, and ways that these can be prevented. There is also a demonstration of an unblocking technique that may help you in unblocking a blocked endoscope

An explanation of how channel damage can occur and some preventative measures to prevent this from happening

A detailed, but not exhaustive list, of flexible endoscope checks that should be completed before a clinical procedure. For full details of all checks please refer to the relevant Instructions for Use

An explanation of how to correctly fill out your repair paperwork which will help avoid any delays to your flexible endoscope repair

TJF-Q290V Preclean

TJF-Q290V Manual Clean