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Five Main Features

  • 7mm Vessel Sealing

  • Spot coagulation

  • Fast Cutting

  • Precise Dissection

  • Secure Grasping

1. 7mm Vessel Sealing

  • Seal and cut tissue bundles, lymphatics and blood vessels up to 7mm in diameter.
  • Consistent vessel bursting pressures and seal success probabilities with vessels 1 to 7mm in diameter.

2. Spot coagulation

  • The SEAL mode provides an immediate hemostasis option.
  • Designed for spot coagulation with high grasping force at the tip and immediate hemostasis with SEAL mode.
  • Consequently, can contribute to less instrument usage, less instrument exchanges, uninterrupted operation flow, and a total OR time savings.


1Data on file, Olympus Cooperation

3. Fast Cutting

THUNDERBEAT (Type S) can help reduce O.R. time with the fastest tissue cutting speed through hybrid energy and a reliable 1-step seal & cut.

4. Precise Dissection


The THUNDERBEAT instrument tip is an essential feature of the instrument. Alongside the delivery of two different types of energy, it is designed to act as a fully functional grasping and dissecting instrument. This is achieved through atraumatic serrations of the edges of the upper jaw, the even compression-force distribution across tissue, and the high tip-opening forces that enable blunt tissue dissection.

5. Secure grasping

Even compression-force distribution

A patented center-pivot jaw design

THUNDERBEAT devices feature a patented centerpivot

jaw design that facilitates fine dissection and

generates less mist, improving visibility. This design

evenly distributes closing pressures independent of tissue thickness or type producing consistently vessel seals and higher grasping and dissecting forces.

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