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EDOF: The Phenomenon of Full Focus

Sharp endoscopic images support accurate results in detection, diagnosis and treatment. However, the gastrointestinal tract poses challenges in keeping an endoscopic image stable and in focus.

EDOF allows precise observations through continuous broad focus and seamless magnification. At the same time, the established Dual Focus function provides high magnification, which can be activated by the push of a button.

This improved visibility and continuously sharp image is developed to reduce the necessity for focal adjustments and to help make endoscopy more convenient. It may even contribute to easier identification and a more confident abnormality diagnosis.

Extended Depth of Field

Light entering the scope’s objective lens is split into two separate beams, with different focal ranges, by the new optical unit. The beams are then simultaneously projected onto an image sensor. The EVIS X1 video system center combines the pictures to generate a single image with an extremely wide depth of field.


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