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NBI: The Power of Accurate Diagnosis

Accurate optical diagnosis is important when assessing lesions to determine potential histology, confirm the lateral extent, and thereby guide therapy decisions and suitable patient surveillance intervals.

NBI is a powerful and proven optical technology that allows for a reliable optical diagnosis of all major indications in the gastrointestinal tract.1-8

Narrow Band Imaging

Utilizing specific blue and green wavelengths absorbed by hemoglobin, NBI creates a strong contrast between vessels and surrounding mucosa.9 This facilitates the visibility of highly vascularized areas, blood vessel patterns and surface structures that are predictive for distinct histopathologies.10-13

White Light


Efficient lesion management strategies that are empowered by NBI include:

  • Targeted biopsies in the upper gastrointestinal tract.2,5
  • Easier decision-making for suitable endoscopic resection techniques.4,5
  •  Potentially avoiding histological assessment of low-risk lesions6-8
    (e.g. diminutive rectosigmoid polyps under the resect and discard paradigm).
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