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Observation; stomach antrum to duodenum

Entering the inside of the stomach, first clean the mucus and suck out water, then start observing from the lower body greater curve, which is easy to scratch with the scope when observing. Advance to the angle greater curve, the antrum,and the pylorus.
It is necessary to take pictures of the pylorus before inserting the scope into the duodenum. Enter the duodenal bulb, pull the scope and observe the anterior and posterior walls.
Advance the scope further, entering the descending part with a right turn and up angle. Observe the main papilla, maintain the right turn and pull the scope. The tip advances to the lower duodenum angle.
Maintaining the right turn and pushing the scope lightly,observe the horizontal part, and slowly withdraw the scope while observing the main papilla and its contralateral side.

lower body greater curvature

angle greater curvature

antrum greater curvature

antrum anterior wall

antrum posterior wall

angle lesser curvature



duodenal bulb

duodenum descending part (papilla side)

duodenum horizontal part

duodenum descending part (opposite papilla)