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J-turn; observation from gastric angle to gastric cardia

Return to the stomach, inflate the stomach with air and start J-turn observation with an up angle from the corner of the stomach.
The appropriate air insufflation amount at the time of J turn observation is an amount that opens the upper body lesser curvature.
When performing a J-turn observation, the left side of the image is the anterior wall and the right side of the image is the posterior wall – this is the same as an overhead observation.
Rotate the scope to the left and right, observing the anterior wall, the lesser curvature and the posterior wall, then in order,pull the scope and capture the stomach angle,lower body,middle body,upper body and the cardia.
During this process,water used to clean mucus accumulates in the body greater curve, so sucking out water at the position where the body anterior wall is observed by rotating left with a J turn is more efficient, because the forceps channel is where the water pools up.

antrum whole

angle anterior wall

angle posterior wall

lower body posterior wall

lower body lesser curvature

lower body anterior wall

middle body anterior wall

middle body lesser curvature

middle body posterior wall

upper body posterior wall

upper body lesser curvature

upper body anterior wall

cardia anterior wall

cardia lesser curvature

cardia posterior wall