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THUNDERBEAT TypeS Technology

1. Next Generation of Safety and Speed

With the introduction of the new generation THUNDERBEAT Type S, the unique concept of hybrid energy technology is raised to the next level. With the development of the innovative Type S coating and the revolutionary safety system Intelligent Tissue Monitoring (ITM), Olympus successfully achieved an improvement to the temperature reduction of the instrument by 26.9% at 1.5 sec after completion of cutting.1 This new concept of optimal temperature control enables a targeted and efficient application of energy that enhances the speed of operation and contributes the safety.

THUNDERBEAT Type S – Targeted Energy
The phenomenon of unintended thermal spread to the surrounding tissue is caused by the fact that bipolar current flow always follows the path of least resistance.
THUNDERBEAT Type S technology enables an accurately targeted application of energy leading to a reduction of surrounding tissue damage by thermal spread.

The new THUNDERBEAT Type S technology allows for precise dissection close to vital
structures and a faster sealing even under challenging conditions.


1 Data from Olympus Corporation
2 Data from Olympus Corporation

2. Revolutionary Temperature Profile

ITM – Efficient Energy
Using conventional ultrasound technology, the continued application of energy after tissue transection leads to an uncontrolled temperature increase at the tip of the instrument. It bears the risk of unintended tissue harm when touching the tissue directly after an activation or accidental instrument damage.

Intelligent Tissue Monitoring is the world’s first and only autostop function for ultrasound-driven technologies:
· Significantly reducing the residual temperature at the ultrasonic probe3
· Contributing faster and more streamlined surgery
· Enhancing the instrument durability4

The THUNDERBEAT Intelligent Tissue Monitoring technology operates fully automatically.
Once complete tissue transection is detected, the generator provides audible feedback and stops the delivery of inefficient energy.


At a Glance
The combination of both technologies, THUNDERBEAT Type S and ITM, allows for the targeted and efficient application of energy for optimal temperature control – fulfilling the requirement of maximum safety for surgery.


3 Data from Olympus Corporation: Reduction of residual heat after over-activation by 26.9% compared to predecessor THUNDERBEAT instrument.
4 Data from Olympus Corporation

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