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Assembly Steps for THUNDERBEAT Open Fine Jaw.

1 Make sure the instrument and the torque wrench are firmly engaged.

2 Connect the stabilizer to the transducer.

3 Connect the transducer to the instrument.

4 Hold the stabilizer tightly and rotate the torque wrench clockwise until you hear a click. The final rotation before the click may require more force.
The transducer is now connected to the instrument.

Remove the stabilizer.

6 Remove the torque wrench. The instrument is ready for use.


Place the torque wrench on the grasping section of the instrument and connect the stabilizer to the transducer.
Hold the stabilizer firmly and rotate the torque wrench counterclockwise until the transducer is loose. Remove the stabilizer
first and then the torque wrench. Hold the instrument at its base and disconnect the transducer.

Damage Prevention

To prevent damage to the instrument, please never hold it at its grip or directly on the grasping section of the instrument.
Always use the stabilizer and the torque wrench for assembly and disassembly.

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