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White light, autofluorescence and narrow-band imaging bronchoscopy for diagnosing airway pre-cancerous and early cancer lesions: a systematic review and meta-analysis​

This article reported that, with higher sensitivity, advanced bronchoscopy could be valuable to avoid missed diagnosis and combining strategy of AFB and WLB may contribute preferable diagnosis rather than their alone use for high-grade lesions.




Comparison of autofluorescence and white-light bronchoscopies performed with the Evis Lucera Spectrum for the detection of bronchial cancers: a meta-analysis​

This study showed that in the evaluation of bronchial cancers, AFI was superior to conventional WLB. With its higher sensitivity, AFI could be valuable for avoiding misdiagnosis.






The diagnostic value of narrow-band imaging for early and invasive lung cancer: a meta-analysis​

This study reported that narrow-band imaging was superior to white light bronchoscopy with respect to detecting early and invasive lung cancer; however, the specificities of the two modalities did not differ significantly.​






Narrow-Band Imaging Bronchoscopy Increases the Specificity of Bronchoscopic Early Lung Cancer Detection​

This article reported that NBI is an alternative to AFI in the detection of early lung cancers because it has a comparatively higher specificity without significantly compromising the sensitivity.​






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