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USG-400 Quick Reference Guide

This setup guide is a summary of the USG-400 Instructions for Use (IFU). For detailed operating instructions, be sure to follow the instruction manual that was included with your device when purchased.

SEAL & CUT Level

Delay activation time in between bipolar and ultrasound energy output. Bipolar comes first.

Level Time
1 0 sec.
2 0.5 sec.
3 1 sec.

SEAL Level

Minimum activation time of bipolar energy.

Level Time
1 3 sec.
2 4 sec.
3 5 sec.

Intelligent Tissue Monitoring (ITM)

Immediate stop of bipolar and ultrasound energy supply after tissue transection.


1) The THUNDERBEAT System requires both the ESG-400 HF-generator and the USG-400 ultrasonic generator to be switched on.

2) In case an error occurs, please follow the instruction indicated on the display.

3) Cleaning of the instruments tip: Use a wet gauze or submerge it in a physiologic solution, activating the SEAL & CUT mode (purple button) with the branches in an open position.

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