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NBI in Flexible Ureteroscopy

Discover completely new perspectives and details in conservative upper tract tumor management with narrow band imaging (NBI) technology. A single push of a button allows for superior visualization of lesions so small they could barely be seen before.


The following video collection aims to address the question “What do I actually see when activating the NBI mode?” to support the educating of urologists who want to start up with NBI in ureteroscopy. The idea is to give practical examples of how NBI can help facilitate precise tumor detection.


Professor Olivier Traxer from Hôpital Tenon, Paris, France recorded several flexible ureteroscopies from his daily clinical practice. The clips are grouped according to the upper tract cancer classification to allow you to understand how different tumors and suspicious areas look in NBI light compared to conventional white light.


The equipment used for these recordings are the Olympus URF-V2 and URF-V flexible video ureteroscopes in combination with the latest imaging systems.Further details can be found below in the chapter overview.



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