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The OLYMPUS EMPOWER line of Ho:YAG lasers

More choices to meet the challenges of every new day

Empowers physicians and hospital systems with choices for a full-range line of
Ho:YAG lasers and fibers to meet the diverse lithotripsy challenges they face each day.

Higher frequency facilitates dusting: A technique in high demand *1

  • 64% of urologists reported using high-frequency, low-pulse energy  settings associated with the  dusting technique
  • Dusting requires significantly less time than fragmentation with extraction
*The Dusting mode for the H35 is long pulse, low frequency and the Dusting mode for the H65 and H100 is short pulse, high frequency.

The EMPOWER H65 and H100 laser offer a “Stabilization” mode, which creates a path of vapor between the fiber tip and the stone to stabilize the stone during dusting, resulting in a reduced retropulsion effect *2.

Full line of fibers complement your laser technique

The OLYMPUS EMPOWER ball tip fiber allows you to maintain visualization of a stone as the fiber is inserted

References: 1. Aldoukhi AH, Roberts WW, Hall TL, Ghani KR. Holmium laser lithotripsy in the new stone age: dust or bust? Front Surg. 2017;4(57). Doi:10.3389/fsurg.2017.00057. 2. Data on file.

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