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Everything You Thought a Laser Was Capable of Is About to Change

All-in-One Platform Designed for Lithotripsy, BPH and Soft Tissue

The SuperPulsed Laser System SOLTIVE™ Premium is powered by a novel energy source for striking results compared to conventional Holmium YAG. Get used to dusting in half the time. Fragmenting stones relentlessly — with virtually no retropulsion.1 Precisely cutting through soft tissue and state-of-the-art prostate enucleation, with visibly improved hemostasis.2


Faster Dusting
Virtually No Retropulsion
Greater Absorption

BPH and Soft Tissue

Highly Versatile
Safety and Efficacy for BPH
Reduced Thermal Effects

A slim internal fiber doted with thulium ions in its core is activated by laser diodes. A highly collimated and homogeneous laser beam can be coupled into a regular surgical fiber to transfer the energy to the application field. No flash lamps, water cooling or complex mirror systems are required, resulting in a new high-performance laser technology with the broadest range of settings.

Wavelength Laser Energy Laser Frequency Average Power Pulse Duration
1,920-1,960 nm 0.025-6 J 1-2,400 Hz 2-60 W (adjustable) 200 µs-50 ms

SOLTIVE™ Lithotripsy Solution

Exceptional Performance in a Surprisingly Small and Versatile Package

The SOLTIVE™ Device Offers Value That Matters

Cooled by air, the SOLTIVE™ device offers quiet operation and requires significantly less maintenance than standard water-cooled systems, lowering the cost of ownership. It achieves new levels of energy efficiency and is powered by a standard wall outlet with no need for special OR infrastructure.


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3 Data on file. Comparative laser system data collected on Lumenis P120.
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