Brightness Adjustment Imaging with Maintenance of Contrast
Illumination inside the bronchial anatomy is crucial in order to also anticipate deeper structures. Dark areas become brighter without overexposing areas close to the bronchoscope tip. For the examiner, this means ease of use and potentially less fatigue.
Texture and Color Enhancement Imaging
TXI technology aims to enhance the visibility of potentially suspicious tissue, which includes inflammations and flat or depressed lesions, using a white-light imaging effect that improves the color, structure and brightness.
Red Dichromatic Imaging
RDI is designed to enhance the visibility of blood vessels in the deeper mucosal layers, as well as sources of bleeding.
Insertion Tube Rotation Function
The Improvement of Ergonomic Scores
Our endoscopic systems are designed to create a safe, comfortable and productive workspace.
Repetitive and prolonged gestures can result in musculoskeletal complaints or even work-related injuries. To avoid such ergonomic burden as far as feasible, we have equipped our bronchoscopes with an insertion tube rotation function.