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Radial endoscope

This video shows the exploration of the mediastinum using a radial endoscope.


The following structures are visualized:

aorta(at cardia) -> liver left lobe and emergence of hepatic veins -> aorta and spine -> azygos vein -> left atrium and left pulmonary veins -> thoracic duct -> arch of azygos -> arch of aorta -> AP window -> superaortic vessels

Linear endoscope

In this video we review the complete technique of transgastric exploration of the pancreas using a linear endoscope.


The following structures are visualized:
aorta -> left diaphragmatic cruze -> emergence of the celiac artery -> emergence superior mesenteric artery -> bifurcation splenic and hepatic artery -> pancreatic body and Wirsung’s duct -> left kidney -> splenic hylum -> splenic vein and splenic artery -> left adrenal gland -> spleen

Notice: This information is for demonstration purposes only. Techniques shown reflect individual preferences of the performing physician. This video is not intended to define a standard of care or instruct in a particular technique.


Source: DVD-ROM ‘ENDOSCOPIC ULTRASOUND a comprehensive pathology atlas’, Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG, 2013