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NBI in Flexible Cystoscopy

On the following pages you will find carefully selected videos showing the clinical advantages HD-NBI can offer in flexible cystoscopy procedures. If you are developing an initial diagnosis or performing follow-up cystoscopies, being able to switch to NBI at the push of a button allows you to achieve a completely new perspective with additional details not seen before.


This video atlas addresses the question “what do I actually see in NBI?” It is geared toward urologists that want to begin using HD-NBI in their practice. This atlas goes beyond the published clinical studies that demonstrate the benefits of improved detection and reduced risk of recurrence.


To answer this, Prof. Joergen Bjerggaard Jensen from Skejby University Hospital, Aarhus, Denmark recorded several flexible cystoscopies from daily outpatient practice. The videos are grouped according to the bladder cancer classification to allow you to understand how different tumours and suspicious areas look in NBI light compared to conventional white light.


The equipment used for these recordings are the Olympus CYF-VH and CYF-V2 flexible cystoscopies in combination with the latest imaging systems.


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