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Prostatectomy - Procedural ENDOEYE FLEX 3D and THUNDERBEAT

Advantages of using ENDOEYE FLEX 3D in Prostatectomy:

  • Facilitated orientation for safe peeling of the fascia from the prostate
  • 3D visualization of the needle at the point of entry facilitates faster suturing
  • 100 degree angulation in any direction allows for fewer incisions around the prostate, and depth perception that assists in clear identification of the dissection line
  • The spatial view assists with neurovascular bundle sparing

Advantages of using THUNDERBEAT in Prostatectomy:

  • The Seal & Cut feature provides a quick removal of the prostate
  • Prevention of posterior bladder injury due to less bleeding & better vision
  • Controlled preparation of all vessels around the prostate
  • Good hemostatic ability is highly beneficial during separation of seminal vesicles from the rectum
  • Fine tip allows precise incision of the fascia surrounding the prostate gland

Incision of the fascia surrounding the prostate gland

The ENDOEYE FLEX 3D depth perception allows for a better-quality angle of engagement, leading to more precise and safer peeling of the fascia from the prostate.

THUNDERBEAT creates less mist, which allows for increased visibility. It allows for a quick and safe release of the prostate due to simultaneous sealing and cutting, which enables controlled preparation of all vessels in this region.

Incision of overlying fascia surrounding the prostate gland

Ligation of Dorsal Vein Complex

The flexible tip of the endoscope provides a front or side view without instrument confliction and this helps urologists identify the plane between the urethra and dorsal vein complex. It helps to prevent injury to the DVC and urethra during ligation. In addition, ENDOEYE FLEX 3D visualization helps in predicting the needle’s point of entry and delivery, which allows for safer and faster suturing.

Ligation of dorsal vein complex

Bladder Neck Transection

When transecting the bladder neck, the fully flexible endoscope supports urologists in determining the dissection line. The ENDOEYE FLEX 3D provides better orientation and depth perception to minimize the risk of large bladder holes or prostate incisions.


THUNDERBEAT facilitates reduced risk of bladder neck injury. Sealing & Cutting at the same time leads to less bleeding and ensures better vision at the posterior bladder neck; therefore, the risk of going into the bladder is reduced.

Bladder Neck Transection

Incision of Denonviellers Fascia and Separation of Seminal Vesicles

The ENDOEYE FLEX 3D visualization enables a controlled incision of the Denonvilliers fascia. The flexible scope helps to observe the tip of the instruments and avoids damaging the rectum. With THUNDERBEAT’s fine tip Denovilliers fascia can be opened precisely. THUNDERBEAT’s Seal & Cut provides a controlled and secure separation of the seminal vesicles and vas deference.

3D visualization provides controlled incision of Denonvilliers fascia and separation of seminal vesicles

Neurovascular Bundle Sparing

Apical dissection, which tends to be behind the prostate, can be observed from the front creating the spatial view with the articulating videoscope. ENDOEYE FLEX 3D reduces the risk of injury of the NVB because of the enhanced depth perception.

Neurovascular Bundle Sparing

Anastomosis of Urethra and Bladder

The flexible tip of the endoscope provides a side view, allowing for anastomosis to be performed without instrument confliction, since pelvic space is limited. In addition, 3D visualization allows for significant suturing, which time savings.

Anastomosis of urethra and bladder