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(Partial) Nephrectomy - Procedural ENDOEYE FLEX 3D and THUNDERBEAT Benefits

ENDOEYE FLEX 3D Benefits in (Partial) Nephrectomy:

  • Clear 3D visualization of the artery posterior to the vein for reduced risk of overlooking bleeders
  • ENDOEYE 3D depth perception reduces the risk of leaving tumor a behind
  • Suturing becomes more intuitive, thanks to the ENDOEYE 3D depth perception and leads to reduced ischemia time

THUNDERBEAT Benefits in (Partial) Nephrectomy:

  • Precise dissection capability and grasping force helps to identify and mobilize the kidney
  • Prompt sealing and cutting of new vessels linked to renal cancer with only THUNDERBEAT
  • For partial nephrectomy, THUNDERBEAT’s effective Seal & Cut leads to having one hand free and enables usage in conduction with clips or a sucker

Mobilization and Freeing of the Kidney

The ENDOEYE 3D vision facilitates better identification of the ureter, gonadel vein, etc. It helps to find the right
plane for incision more easily and frees the kidney without injuring surrounding organs, such as the liver, the
bowel, and the spleen. For mobilization, THUNDERBEAT grasps and fine dissects well. It enables freeing of
the kidney from surrounding tissue significantly more quickly.

THUNDERBEAT enables effective and secure freeing of the kidney


The combination of ENDOEYE 3D and the flexible tip allows for a better visualization of the artery posterior to the vein. The risk of overlooking bleeders is reduced, thanks to being able to look at the hilum from the posterior aspect.

THUNDERBEAT effectively cuts and seals at once while one hand of the surgeon is free which provides
confidence for a worst case scenario.

Flexible tip allows postierior visualization of the hilum and thus minimize overlooking bleeders

Partial Nephrectomy

An important aim in partial nephrectomy is sparing as much healthy tissue as possible. In this respect, the surgeon needs to precisely locate the tumor. Intraoperative ENDOEYE 3D imaging provides the surgeons with the most possible realistic view and compensates the challenge of possible differences between the preoperative anatomical situations and the intraoperative situation.

Incision of the kidney

Tumor Growth

ENDOEYE 3D visualization also supports in the excision phase of the procedure. As the depth perception of ENDOEYE 3D helps to identify the point of entry and the cutting angle more precisely, the risk of leaving tumor behind is reduced.

THUNDERBEAT can be used as an effective grasping instrument. At the same time, a large bleeder due to new vascularization linked to renal cancer biology can be sealed by THUNDERBEAT promptly. There is no
need of an extra sealing device.

3D depth perception helpful for precise tumor cutting


Similar to the advantages in prostatectomy, ENDOEYE 3D also facilitates suturing in partial nephrectomy, which is crucial in order to reduce ischemia time. By having better perception of where to stitch and grasp the needle, the result is time saved and less bleeding, which leads to a shorter ischemia time.

Use of 3D facilitates suturing for reduced ischemia time