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Removal Procedure

Procedure Steps with iTind

00 | Equipment and Patient Preparation

The following is required for the removal procedure:
· Snare.
· Open ended, 22 Fr. silicone Foley catheter.
· Anesthetic gel.

Equipment preparation for the removal of iTind:
· Lubricate both tips of the silicone catheter and the meatus with anesthetic gel.
· Feed the snare through the catheter.
· Use the snare to thread the retrieval suture through the catheter.

01 | Insert the Catheter

· Insert the catheter into the meatus while holding the retrieval suture taut.
· Guide the catheter up the retrieval suture until it meets the device.

02 | Device Retrieval

· Once the iTind has been reached, pull back the retrieval suture firmly and retract the iTind device into the catheter.
· When the iTind has been folded completely inside the catheter, remove the catheter from the urethra.

Troubleshooting — The Retrieval Suture Breaks or Is Cut
Option 1:
· Attach a #1 Ethibond® type suture using a surgical knot to extend the retrieval suture.
· Continue removal according to standard procedure steps.

Option 2:
· Insert surgical graspers or forceps through a rigid cystoscope.
· Grasp the proximal end of the device to re-crimp it into the scope.

· Through the iTind device, three new channels are meant to be created at the 5, 7 and 12 o’clock positions by ischemic response.
· These channels allow urine to flow better immediately.
· Patients are generally discharged a few hours after the iTind has been removed.

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