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Recent advances in radiology such as CT scanning have made it easier to find peripheral pulmonary lesions. Bronchoscopy is an extremely safe methodology widely used for diagnosis of peripheral pulmonary lesions. Its accuracy can be significantly improved by combining it with relatively new bronchoscopic technologies such as the radial ultrasonic probe (R-EBUS) and navigation. The key to the success of a bronchoscopy hinges on how precisely the sampling devices can be advanced through the bronchus after repeated branching. The ultrathin bronchoscope is ideal for moving through branching bronchi and facilitating access to a peripheral pulmonary lesion. Moreover, because the ultrathin bronchoscope can be positioned very close to the target lesion, it greatly improve sampling accuracy.

Supervising HCP

Masahide Oki, MD, FCCP

Department of Respiratory Medicine,
Nagoya Medical Center, Nagoya, Japan


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