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EAU Recommended and Clinically Investigated

EAU Guideline 2016

For all prostate sizes, PLASMA (TURis / bipolar resection) is one of the recommended first-choice treatment. For larger prostates, PLASMA enucleation is equally recommended as HoLEP and open prostatectomy.

Surgical Treatment – Transurethral Resection of the Prostate and Transurethral Incision of the Prostate

Recommendations LE GR
B-TURP achieves short- and mid-term results comparable to those of M-TURP. 1a A
B-TURP has a more favorable perioperative safety profile than M-TURP. 1a A
OPs or EEPs such as holmium laser or bipolar enucleation are the first-choice surgical treatment for men with a substantially enlarged prostate (e.g., > 80 mL) and moderate-to-severe LUTS. 1a A

Evidence Supporting Olympus PLASMA (TURis)

  • B-TURP is the most widely and thoroughly investigated alternative to M-TURP
  • The evidence available to date includes 15 good-quality randomized controlled trials done specifically on Olympus PLASMA (TURis)15,18
  • Recent meta-analyses showed that TURis reduces the risk of TUR syndrome, the need for blood transfusions, and the clot retention rate compared to M-TURP15,18
  • Due to this improved safety standard the TURis system may reduce the length of hospital stay and readmissions after the surgery6,18
  • Mid-term results (up to 30 months) show sustained results for TURis compared to M-TURP14

Comparison of Greenlight Laser XPS 180W and Olympus PLASMA to Current Standard of Care

Number of Existing Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT)

Greenlight Laser XPS 180W N=12,16

PLASMA (TURis) N=1515,18

Number of Patients Involved in These RCTs

Greenlight Laser XPS 180W N=2812,16

PLASMA (TURis) N=316815,18

Schematic drawings have been adapted in relationship to the original data

The amount of high-quality evidence for TURis overwhelms that of Greenlight Laser XPS 180W.

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