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Reduced Hospital Stay and Readmissions for Reduced Costs

Improvement of Clinical Outcomes Reduces Overall Costs

The PLASMA (TURis) system is associated with significant improvements in perioperative safety, hospital stay duration, and readmissions compared to monopolar technology. The improvements in clinical outcomes provided by PLASMA (TURis) may also lower complication costs compared to monopolar procedures due to the reduced risk of TUR syndrome, reduced levels of clot retention, and the reduced need for blood transfusions. The improvements may also reduce overall hospitalization costs and readmission costs significantly.15

Potential Cost Saving with PLASMA Compared with Monopolar15
Example: 100 annual patients

The graphic shows that the higher cost of consumables and capital equipment associated with PLASMA is offset by savings on complication costs, hospitalization costs, and readmission costs based on improved clinical outcomes.

An economic analysis published in a NICE guideline and followed by another publication shows the potential saving of up to 21% by switching from monopolar to PLASMA technology.15

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