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Author: Ritesh Agarwal 

Hospital: Professor, PGIMER Chandigarh Hospital

Procedure Information

Scope: BF-1TH1100

Location: Lingula

Patient information: Male, 71 years old

Medical history: Not Significant

1. WLI

Lingula opening occluded by necrotic growth.


Surrounding erythema and edema being visualized better with TXI imaging, along with necrotic growth occluding the opening of lingula

3. WLI

Surrounding vascularity not clearly visible with WLI.

4. WLI + NBI

Surrounding vascularity is better visualized with NBI .

Overall Comment

This 71-year-old gentleman, presented with cry cough and progressive breathlessness of 2 months duration. He was a reformed smoker with smoking index of 400. CT thorax showed left upper lobe segmental collapse and consolidation. Bronchoscopy was done to check for airway tumors. In flexible bronchoscopy, we observed necrotic growth occluding the opening of lingula with surrounding erythema and edema.  

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