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Author: Prof. Felix JF Herth

Hospital: Thoraxklinik, University of Heidelberg, Germany

Procedure Information

Scope: BF-1TH190

Location: Lesion at the middle lobe entrance

Patient information:

58 years, male

Ex smoker (45 packyears)

Coronary artery disease

Medical history:

Patients reported on chronic coughing,

Lowdose computertomograhy showed no lung abnormalities

Lung function: FEV1 63%

1. WLI

In the white light mode vasculary engorgement was visible.

2. TXI

In TXI the vaculary pattern was seen more clear, vasculary slings as well as dotted vessel are visible.

3. RDI Mode 2

In RDI 2 especially the dotted vessels are highlighted.

4. RDI Mode 3

RDI 3 offers an alternative mode showing comparable patterns like TXI in this case.

Pathological Finding

Vasculary changes have been seen at the middle lobe entrance.

With the help of TXI and RDI 3 the vasculary pattern was seen nicely and targeted biopsies have been taken, showing a moderate dysplasia.

Overall Comment

With the help of the new features the pathological finding was better visible and it was possible to distinguish normal and abnormal areas.

The positioning of the forceps for the biopsy was more precisely.

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