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Second Edition [by Japanese Committee-Standard Imaging Technique of Radial EUS (JC-SITE)]

Committee Chairman

Ichiro Yasuda

University of Toyama

Committee Members

Keiji Hanada

Takao Itoi

Akio Katanuma

Atsushi Kanno

JA Onomichi General Hospital

Tokyo Medical University

Teine Keijinkai Hospital

Tohoku University


Mitsuhiro Kida

Kenjiro Yasuda

Kitasato University Hospital

Kyoto Second Red Cross Hospital

First Edition [by Working Group on Standardization of Pancreatobiliary EUS] (Affiliated institutions are at the time of the publication.)

Naotaka Fujita

Sendai City Medical Center

Kazuo Inui

Fujita Health University Second Teaching Hospital

Mitsuhiro Kida

Kitasato University East Hospital

Hiroyuki Maguchi

Teine Keijinkai Hospital

Kenji Yamao

Aichi Cancer Center

Kenjiro Yasuda

Kyoto Second Red Cross Hospital

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