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Adjusting the gain and contrast

To display clearer, sharper ultrasound images, the image quality parameters (gain and contrast) of the ultrasound processor need to be properly adjusted.

  1. Gain:         Adjusts the brightness of displayed images.
  2. Contrast:   Adjusts the difference between the bright and dark parts of displayed images.

Setting the focus

Focusing on the target (region of interest) improves resolution in the parts of the image that surround the focused area.

Image enhancement function — tissue harmonic echo (THE)

When ultrasound waves are transmitted into the organism, the ultrasound signals get distorted, generating harmonics*. THE is a technology that achieves visualization by utilizing the harmonic components. It can reduce artifacts that obstruct observation of images.

* Components of frequencies that are integral multiple of those frequencies.

Comparison between B mode and THE and between THE-P and THE-R

Comparison between B mode and THE [Advantage of THE mode] Reduces artifacts. [Disadvantage of THE mode] Reduces frame rates. Reduces penetration depth. Comparison between THE-P and THE-R [THE-P] (Penetration) Penetration-priority mode. Allows distant observation. [THE-R] (Resolution) Resolution-priority mode. Improves resolution.
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