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Colorectal Case 2

Prof. Stefan Seewald​

GastroZentrum Hirslanden, Zurich

Procedure Information



Organ: Colon

Patient information: M, 60

Medical history: Preventive colonoscopy

1. LST-NG in WLI

#WLI #A7 structure enhancement #Auto Iris

LST-NG spreading across a fold

2. LST-NG with TXI

#TXI Mode1 #A7 structure enhancement #Auto Iris

In TXI, the margins of the lesions become more evident. Stool is not interfering with TXI imaging.

3. LST-NG in NBI

#NBI #B7 structure enhancement #Auto Iris

NBI allows for analysis of superficial vessel pattern but is highly affected by remaining stool. NBI requires excellent bowel preparation and thorough flushing.

4. TXI after injection

#TXI 1 #A7 structure enhancement #Auto Iris

After injection, TXI is delivering a better visibility of the demarcation line.

5. TXI during endoscopic resection

#TXI Mode1 #A7 structure enhancement #Auto Iris

TXI is enhancing visibility of submucosal fibers and blood vessels in the submucosal space.

6. Bleeding spot with RDI

#RDI 2 #A7 structure enhancement #Auto Iris

RDI is helping to identify bleeding spots and allows for precise coagulation.

Case video

Overall Comment

In the presented case, TXI was beneficial for delineation and resection. RDI was helpful for efficient coagulation of bleeding.

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